The Tides of March

The Real Sea WorldAs the Mendocino Coast’s Annual two-week Whale Festival comes to a close, Noyo News honors all the true heros to the whales – those humans who love and respect our living brothers and sisters of the deep, by doing all they can to protect their vast and mysterious lives in an ocean of beautiful wildness.

The Tides of March

by Joey Racano

They came from East, They came from West
Traveling light and without any rest
But travel they did and they brought swimming pools
Exposing the orca captivity fools

Orca elite guard, straight out of Aesgard
Dorsal defenders who stand fast and fight hard
Activist royalty, brimming with loyalty
Shaping the world into what it had ought to be

Ignoring attacks, immune to the lies
Another poor whale in captivity dies
Modern-day heroes, Caesars and Neros
Storming the gates of captivity zeros

Standing for freedom, compassion and kindness
Leading our people away from such blindness
Ten-foot tall ladies, eschewing mercedes
Preferring a Heaven on Earth to a Hades

How can we thank you? None can outrank you!
Even the National Guard can’t out-tank you
All we can offer is steadfast support
Anxiously waiting for your next report!

                 With Love and Respect,  JR


From the Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing Facebook page

Free Willy!

Shamu is Dead



* * *

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