The Navy Comes to Town

Addressing the Navy3Rosalind Peterson addresses John Moser and Matt Hahn of the US Navy during public comment for the Navy’s EIS on March 7, 2014.  Neither men were allowed to respond to questions from the public.

On March 7, 2014, smack-dab in the middle of the Mendocino Coast’s annual ‘Whale Festival,’ the US Navy came to Fort Bragg to pitch their Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for 2015-2020 plans of expanded naval warfare “training and testing.”

The scheduled 5-8 p.m. meeting was divided into two parts.  The first hour-and-a-half was taken up by a roomful of nine information booths, selling various aspects of the Navy’s self-pronounced “environmental stewardship program” in the name of militarism and national defense.

Most of the public stayed outside, and waited for the real meeting to begin at 6:30.

I interviewed some of the players in this dog-and-pony show, who’s immediate victims will be the marine mammals, birds, fish, and invertebrates – and every other living thing that shares the ocean with our modern madness for ever increasingly brilliant killing machines.

The radio piece I produced for a local public station, appears below:

(Notice that at about 01:30 in, EIS Program Manager John Mosher seems to tacitly admit the Navy is lying about “zero mortalities” for marine mammals in their five-year plan for weapons and sonar testing, in order to easily get through the environmental review process.)


KMUD News Piece on the Navy’s Pacific Northwest Training and Testing EIS by Jugglestone


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