House of the Great Black Hole

House of the Great Black Hole


Time to find that balladeer in yourself, or your family unit.

Here’s another one by ‘Anon’ of Albion.

To be sung slowly, to the tune of “The House of the Rising Sun”  –


                         House of the Great Black Hole


There is a house in Mendoland,

They call the Great Black Hole,

Well it’s been the end of charities, my friend,

And many a generous soul.


First Pacific Seabird Group,

Its members have concerns,

Alas right now delinquent,

For missing tax returns.


Next MRB Research,

Nonprofit through and through,

With the same confounded problem,

Returns are gone there too.


Then Friends of the Blue Whale,

A child of MRB,

Delinquent as its parent,

And no returns to see.


Delinquents go to prison,

Then get out on parole,

But those in Mendoland all go,

To the House of the Great Black Hole.


Near Little River township,

You’ll find this moneyed place,

At 45601 Headlands Drive,

In a lovely seaside space.


Yet you cannot walk there,

Or drive to that estate,

That castle is surrounded,

With a massive iron gate.


The lord’s a man of science,

Who don’t know how to count,

The lady is a volunteer,

For just the right amount.


She ran the local hospital,

Into a money jam,

He robbed a nearby Indian tribe,

Or so claims Uncle Sam.


The lord and lady laugh at us,

While joking of our toll,

At sunset cocktail parties,

In the House of the Great Black Hole.


We’ve got one foot on the platform,

And the other foot on the train,

All charities in Mendoland,

Must wear that ball and chain.


If you think I’m lying,

Or that this can’t be right,

You’ll find it all on Google,

At the DOJ website.


Now people, tell your donors,

To be watchful of their dole,

They say there’s just no stopping,

The House of the Great Black Hole.


Anon,  Albion


* * *

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