Ode to the Yurok

Northern Spotted OwlNorthern Spotted Owl  (photo courtesy National Geographic)



Down in LeValley, Where spotted owls tread

They don’t give a hoot dear, They’re tweeting instead.


Those owls have new iPads, And Facebook accounts,

From taxpayer dollars, I’m glad to announce.


If you go to find them, You’ll have to look twice,

For the owls are all hidden, By a cloaking device.


That sure was a challenge, To biologists here,

Who were paid to go count them, For six figures clear.


They did get the job done, With methods astute,

As birds were all tallied, By telecommute!


Well MRB Research, Who collected that bill,

Charged us for their hard work, At nearly one mil.


But a broad band of natives, Began to eschew,

That MRB Research, Was invisible too.


Oh hear the wind blow dear, Just north of Van Damme,

At the home of LeValley, And his kind-hearted ma’am.


That’s where it all vanished, One big pile of dough,

With dozens of surveys, Of owls, don’t you know.


If that’s not enough yet, Of a story to tell,

Those expert biologists, Have vanished as well.


They’re all getting measured, For their brand new attire,

In jumpsuits of orange, Behind razor wire.


The big lesson here all, Is one of few words,

Be wary of experts, Who charge to count birds.


Anon.,  Albion, California



For more on the Ron LeValley story, see:  http://noyonews.net/?p=8941


Feds charge former MLPA Initiative science official with conspiracy to embezzle



* * *

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