Russia continues sham against Greenpeace

Faiza Oulahsen Bail Hearing At Murmansk Court

Russia has its dropped its trumped-up charges of piracy against peaceful Greenpeace protestors, replacing them with equally absurd allegations of “hooliganism.”

The term “hooligan” is defined as: “a violent young troublemaker, typically one of a gang.”  Greenpeace is avowedly non-violent, and the highly regarded Greenpeace international organization has amassed a decades-long reputation of peaceful protest.  Greenpeace is anything but a “gang.”

Russian authorities have now also made vague threats of adding more false charges against the protestors.  This time: “violence against authorities.” But in fact it was the Russian authorities who themselves used violence, and the threat of violence, against Greenpeace protestors .  They threatened them with guns and knives, shot their weapons dangerously close to the activists, pointed guns in their faces, rammed their inflatables, and illegally abducted an entire ship and crew on the high seas at gunpoint in a glaring act of piracy in violation of international law.

This tactic of violating the law and then blaming the victim will not stand.  The international community will only grow in outrage as this insane masquerade proceeds.  It’s clear that the Russians are living up to their reputation of tyranny with this sham against justice and the truth.

Apparently, Russian oil interests are intent on keeping the 30 Greenpeace activists and the good ship “Arctic Sunrise” locked up as long as possible, or at least until their ominous arctic oil rig begins production.  To do this, they have shown themselves willing to sacrifice their honor, respect and dignity.

Free the the Arctic 30!

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  1. Joey Racano says:

    Thanks for the great article- thanks to these brave activists and my compliments to the photographer as well!