OPC’s Letter on Expanded Alaskan Oil Exploration


Here is OPC’s letter on Alaskan offshore oil exploration. Feel free to use this letter as a template, and electronically submit your comments (TODAY) at the following site:



Dear NOAA and BOEM,

The Ocean Protection Coalition is a 35 year-old community based organization that is dedicated to the health and vitality of the world’s oceans.

We strongly oppose the proposed continuation and expansion of offshore oil exploration in the Alaskan Arctic.  American citizens, and people all over the world, have clearly stated their concerns over the extremely unwise and unsafe practice of drilling for oil or natural gas in a harsh and frozen marine environment. A spill there will be impossible to control or contain.  Spills, leaks and accidents are inevitable in oil operations, even in the best of conditions.  In the Arctic, these occurrences have long term and irreversible effects on many species of whales, seals, sea lions, birds and fish.  We know this already, so why continue on a path known to be harmful, by exploring for oil in areas too hazardous to drill?

Since we already know that offshore drilling in the Arctic will inevitably lead to disaster, it makes no sense to engage in exploration activities, such as seismic testing.  The underwater explosions from proposed seismic testing in Arctic waters will deafen, harm and kill thousands of whales and other marine mammals.  Why do this, to advance activities that we know will lead to catastrophe for these struggling species?

For these glaring and inescapable reasons, the OPC strongly recommends you adopt Alternative 1, the no action alternative, and cease further oil exploration activities in unsafe offshore areas of Alaska and the Arctic.


The steering committee and members of OPC,
and citizens of Northern California

* * *

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