Ocean Protection Coalition votes to support Marine Sanctuary expansion

The OPC submitted the following letter in support of National Marine Sanctuary expansion.

There is still time to submit your own comments (today, March 1st, until 11:59 P.M. E.S.T.).

For details, go to: http://cordellbank.noaa.gov/news/expansion.html


The Ocean Protection Coalition (OPC) is a grassroots nonprofit organization that for over 35 years has opposed offshore oil and gas development on the Northern California coast.  We have voted  in unanimous support for the expansion of the Gulf of the Farallones and Cordell Banks National Marine Sanctuaries to the 39th parallel, as outlined in  S. 179 and H.R. 192.

As cited in numerous supporting documents, the biologically rich Point Arena upwelling sustains a tremendous abundance of marine life that is protected in the existing Cordell Banks and Gulf of the Farallones Marine Sanctuaries.  But these upwellings do not center just around the 39th parallel, that is the northern boundary of the proposed expansions.  Rather, the pristine, nutrient rich upwellings occur all along the entire Northern California coast.  For this reason, the OPC supports expanding the Sanctuary system to at least the Oregon border, with consideration to include the entire west coast of the continental United States, up to and including the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary that extends to the Canadian border.

Northern Californians have worked hard and sacrificed much to protect wildlife habitat and restore fisheries in our coastal ecosystem.  We appreciate the adoption and expansion of the marine sanctuaries as an opportunity to engage in sound practices of human interaction with the natural world, and that these expansions will help to once and for all prohibit offshore oil and gas exploration or drilling along the Northern California coast.


Members of the Ocean Protection Coalition,  Fort Bragg, California


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