Where Was Gavin Newsom?



Many are wondering, where was Gavin Newsom, in perhaps the most important moment of his ambitious political career?

At a time when he was faced with one of the most important decisions he will ever face in his term as the state’s Lieutenant Governor, at a time as leading member of the State Lands Commission, he was needed to lay down a critical vote on an extremely important issue before the Commission – Newsom chose to duck out at the last second – and not vote at all.

He had more important things to do: He needed to make a timely entrance – at an all day seminar – on the last day of a five day seminar – for a group of young Southern California business & politics “public policy” wanna-bees.

Newsom needs to talk to his scheduling secretary – or get his head examined.

John Upton nails it, in this Aug. 21 column for the S.F. Weekly:

_ _ _ _

By John Upton, for the S.F. Weekly


It’s not news that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has not a thing to do up there in Sacramento, a city he has said is boring.

But you know what is news: Newsom finally had something to do — and didn’t do it!

On Monday, Newsom’s morning included attending a meeting to cast a vote on a challenging and important issue. As a State Lands Commissioner, it was Newsom’s job to help decide whether protected marine areas home to porpoises and other adorable wildlife along California’s Central Coast would be bombarded with harmful sonic blasts in the interests of nuclear safety.

PG&E was seeking permission from the commission to trawl sonic guns over protected wildlife areas in the Pacific Ocean near its Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. The study would map four fault lines, helping regulators assess potential risks of a meltdown-inducing earthquake.

After arriving late to the Sacramento hearing, sipping tea from a Starbucks cup, Newsom faced two options, both of which were unsavory, especially for a sensitive politician who has his sights set on a higher office.

  • He could outrage environmentalists and fishermen by voting to approve the study.
  • Or, he could appear complacent about the dangers of earthquakes and nuclear power in the wake of the Fukushima meltdown.

So how did your green-branded, PG&E-funded Lieutenant Governor step up to this long-awaited occasion of great monument?

He fled.


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  1. joey racano says:

    I was in Morro bay waiting for his leadership. I’m still here, I’m still waiting.

    On Facebook: Stop the Diablo Canyon Seismic Testing