How seismic testing affects marine life

A Norwegian fisherman explains the results of ‘seismic testing,’ which he calls ‘seismic shooting.’  It not only chased the fish away, it killed them all.  Two years later, the fish hadn’t come back.


On the North Coast, large sections ocean access have been taken away by a corrupt, unscientific process.  The MLPA “Initiative” – a powerful privatized effort funded by 1% corporados, and headed by oil, energy, and big agriculture interests, mandated the same closures statewide, even though the South and Central Coast has more than 25 times the human population as the same coastline areas in the north.

On the North Coast, as subsistence fishermen, gatherers, and environmentalists were having their ocean taken away by a corrupt, unscientific and corporate driven process, they asked for at least the consolation of guarantees against oil drilling and exploration, high level sonar, pollution and other threats to the marine environment inside new MPA’s – bedsides just fishing and gathering.  They were not only denied the right to even ask the question, this reporter was arrested for attempting to do so at a public meeting.

The corrupt “Initiative” later claimed that their “workshops” were not public meetings, that open meeting laws did not apply to them, and that futhermore, the MLPA “Initiative” was not any sort of legal entity whatsoever.  Ha ha ha.

Ironically, the threat of ‘seismic shooting’ and the Diablo nuclear power plant now jeopardizes a large so-called “Marine Protected Area” off the Central Coast, that was apparently not so well protected after all. (link)

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