Whales Intervene In Nuclear Plant’s Seismic Testing

Humpback whale (Photo: Marya Figueroa)

Endangered humpback and blue whales have converged on the Central Coast of California, just as the operators of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (P.G.&E.) prepare to do “seismic testing” for 20-year relicensing of the controversial facility.  The ‘seismic tests’ will blast 250 decibel underwater air cannons that frighten, deafen, and kill sea life.

The nuclear plant was built at the mouth of an earthquake prone coastal canyon near a then-unknown fault line, the Hosgri Fault. In 2008, another previously unknown fault, the Shoreline Fault was discovered 600 yards offshore from the nuclear plant.

To read the original version of an excellent article for Forbes Magazine by reporter Jeff McMahon, please go to this LINK.

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