Seismic Protest

In a strange concurrence of events, during the same week that the California State Lands Commission approved a “seismic testing” plan by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)  that will kill and maim whales, dolphins and porpoises, these same creatures have been showing up en masse – to the very harbor where the “testing” is proposed to occur.



The sight of whales lunging for krill, and spyhopping next to kayakers in Avila Bay, has attracted international attention.

Onlookers and tourists, both locals and from around the world, are being treated to the thrilling spectacle, which has received national media attention.



Some are saying that in addition to enjoying the local krill, the whales are trying to tell us something:  P.G.&E.’s plan to fire underwater canons at a lethal 250 dB, that will instantly deafen and kill every living thing in a large area of ocean on the central California coast, should not be allowed to proceed.



San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay residents are getting together to protest, calling attention to PG&E’s unwise “seismic testing” plan.  They ultimately want to shut down the unsafe Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Station – that silently looms over all inhabitants of the Central Coast.

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2 Responses to Seismic Protest

  1. joey racano says:

    Great job, awesome pics too!

  2. SYLVIA DE ROOY says:

    When the Diablo plant was being built a grologist at Cal Poly was saying that it should not be built because there were 7 fault zones around the plant site. He lost his job for saying that and the plant went on. The PG&E testing is ridiculously unnecessary, it’s already well known that the plant is in a danger zone and it should be closed down.