State parks director: negligent, incompetent, or complicit?

By Katy Grimes  Cal Watchdog

The California State Parks agency has been sullied by a growing scandal.

Three days ago I wrote about the illegal vacation buyout scandal in the State Parks and Recreation agency in “Scandalous state parks department needs privatization.” I questioned who it was that authorized the checks that were paid to the parks employees, and said that everyone involved should be brought up on charges.

Today, Parks Director Ruth Coleman resigned, and her second in command was fired.

That’s a good start. But according to my sources at the state, Coleman is getting off easy. My sources said that this was a highly orchestrated resignation, and appointment of an interim parks director. It’s carefully orchestrated damage control, along with very little hard-hitting journalism over a scandal.

Janelle Beland, former senior advisor and caucus director for Sen. Pres Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, has been named Interim Director.

My sources work for the state. Apparently because the parks department was conducting its own bogus internal audit of the vacation buyout scandal, no one at the Parks Department would officially confirm the allegations when I inquired.

Now that the story has broken wide open, more information is coming out from sources all over the state. But my sources, who wish to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation, have clammed-up since the story broke fearing whistleblower retribution.

But they still want to make sure that the goings-on within the Parks Department is not sugar-coated, or covered-up.

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