“GreenWave” Permit Application is Denied

by David Gurney

In a resounding victory for advocates of a free, wild and healthy ocean,
the frauds of Greenwave Energy Solutions, LLC have been denied a
preliminary permit for their phony “Green Wave Mendocino Wave Park Project.”

Listed in the permit application were plans to install 150 to 680 wave
energy converters, in a two and a half by seven mile stretch of seventeen
square miles of ocean – centered directly off the scenic town of Mendoocino.

The industrialization zone was also directly offshore of two recently
enlarged “marine protected areas” (MPAs) – created by the corrupt Marine
Life Protection Act “Initiative” – that did nothing to protect these areas
from industrialization projects such as the Mendocino “Wave Park.”

After initially applying for and receiving a three-year preliminary-permit
in May, 2009 Green Wave, LLC consistently – either filed late, or did not
file at all – progress reports and necessary documents with the Federal
Energy Regulatory Commission.  FERC cancelled Green Wave’s permit in Sept.

The lax company re-applied for the same permit one year later, in Sept.
2011, and was met with the same wall of local opposition as they did in
their original attempt at ocean industrialization off Mendocino.

This time FERC responded:

“1. When a prior permit for the same site is cancelled, it creates a
presumption that the permit holder did not pursue its proposal in good
faith and with due diligence.   GreenWave’s prior permit was cancelled
because it failed to timely file two six-month progress reports and
neglected to file its NOI (notice of intent) and PAD (pre-application
document), as required by its permit.

2.  Commission staff gave GreenWave notices of probable cancellation on two
occasions before canceling GreenWave’s prior permit.

For these reasons, I conclude that GreenWave did not demonstrate good faith
and due diligence during the term of its prior permit.  Accordingly, its
application for a successive preliminary permit is denied.”


FERC also noted in their denial:

“Many intervenors are concerned that GreenWave lacks genuine intent and
resources to develop the proposed project and may instead be engaged in
site banking.  Intervenors also expressed concern that construction and
operation of the project would adversely impact marine species and
associated habitat, the local fishing and tourism industries, recreational
and visual resources, and public safety.  Because Commission staff is
denying this application, these comments are moot.”


* * *

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