Union of Concerned Scientists calls for dry-cask storage at California nukes

The 10 and 50 mile radius evacuation zones around the Diablo and San Onofre Nuclear Power Plants.  Note the extensive coastal and marine areas that would also be affected by meltdowns at these plants.  


The San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear power plants are perched on fault lines like ticking time bombs, ready to make the southern half of California a living nightmare for close to 25 million people, and all future generations.

In So-Cal, the bogus “Marine Life Protection Act Initiative” eliminated fishing from certain areas of the ocean.  And they established a no fishing zone “marine protected area” – directly in front of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.

But due to severe conflict-of-interest and corruption, the MLPAI “Initiative” refused to do anything to protect marine life from the direct threat posed by the Diablo and San Onofre nukes – a threat not only to fishing and the marine ecosystem, but a threat against life itself.


Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.  Thousands of tons of spent fuel-rods are stored onsite, in 40-ft. deep “pools” of water, much like at Fukushima Daiichi.  Serious new earthquake faults have recently been discovered a few hundred yards offshore.


Now, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is finally speaking out.  They are calling for, at the very least, safe storage of spent fuel rodsat both Diablo and San Onofre – so that a Fukshima-like meltdown may be avoided.

The following is the latest communiqué from the UCS Global Security Program:


Urge Your Senators to Support Dry Cask Storage of Nuclear Waste

“For decades, the federal government has failed to develop an acceptable solution for managing the nation’s high-level radioactive nuclear waste.  In California, some 2,000 metric tons of this highly dangerous “spent fuel” is stored on-site at the Diablo Canyon and San Onofre nuclear plants — in densely packed pools — posing significant, avoidable risks to the public.

To better protect Californians, and all Americans, more of this dangerous waste must be transferred out of the pools into much safer, more secure, transportable dry casks.

The federal government is under increased pressure to solve the nuclear waste problem, which has led to legislation currently being developed in the Senate.  Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, as chairs of two key committees, must both play a lead role in order to ensure dry cask storage of nuclear waste is a critical first step in managing and safely disposing of the nation’s growing stockpile of radioactive high-level nuclear waste.

Urge senators Feinstein and Boxer to protect the public from dangerous nuclear waste by becoming champions of dry cask storage.”  (LINK)


The San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, between Los Angeles and San Diego.  Like at Diablo, thousands of metric tons of highly radioactive spent fuel-rods are stored onsite – in the middle of an earthquake/tsunami zone.



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