2nd District: John Lewallen for Congress

Noyo News recommends voting for John Lewallen for the 2nd Congressional District in California’s June 5th primary election.  Mr. Lewallen has waged an epic campaign, based on non-violence, the creation of a peace economy, and love.  He has successfully brought forth major issues of concern to voters and candidates in our district, stressing the need for comprehensive and fundamental reform.

His statement for the home-stretch of the race appears below, urging voters to vote their conscience for real change in Washington:

Lewallen Prepares to Serve in Congress

–by John Lewallen (707)895-2996


Dear friend,

I’m meeting so many people who either voted by mail for John Lewallen for
Congress, or are going to vote for me on June 5, that I am devoting the
last several days before the primary to preparing myself to serve in U.S.

My wife Barbara and I have brought our message of peace conversion,
environmental protection, and harmonious employment to meetings and forums
from Hayfork in Trinity County, to Marin City by San Francisco Bay.
Everywhere people are organizing for fundamental reform. We delight in
helping to weave this movement together.

Enough voters may decide to overthrow big-money politics by propelling
John Lewallen, Independent organizing unity to avoid war, depression and
economic destruction, into the general election contest.

I’m sure we can attract a strong staff reflecting the genius and diversity
of Northern California.  We will serve in Congress as part of a growing
and diverse movement for fundamental reform.

If chosen by the electorate, we will organize our Congressional staff as
we campaign for the general election in November. In Congress, we will
focus on writing and enacting major reform legislation-peace conversion,
conversion to renewable energy, large government employment programs,
tribal health and cultural support, fishery allotments supporting
harmonious shore-based fishers, single payer health care, tax reform,
financial industry reform, support for a legal marijuana industry. The
people are my only political party, so I can write and help write big
reform bills which meet the needs of all.

As a campaigner, I have worked with all other candidates to identify and
develop the key issues. Many themes we brought to the debate have become
major issues put forth by other candidates. A nonviolent campaigner, I
can work with people of all political persuasions to enact the policies
we need for our general welfare.

Beginning at an April 18 forum in Healdsburg, I asked all eleven of the
other Congressional candidates to join in a demand to “stop the federal
attack on legal medical marijuana.” Now all candidates have expressed
opposition to the federal crackdown on legal medical marijuana,
according to a San Francisco Chronicle story by Joe Garofoli on May 21.

On April 14 we founded the Peace Conversion Coalition at a campaign
event at Lauren’s Restaurant in Boonville, renewing efforts to move U.
S. industrial production from making weapons and war, toward a massive
employment effort to build an energy system and transportation
infrastructure for a prosperous, peaceful, and harmonious world.

The ocean upwelling ecosystem on California’s Northcoast is one of the
world’s great sources of endlessly renewable ocean food. It is tragic
that the people are being cut off from harmonious access to this food by
federal and state fishery policies which are moving toward ocean
militarization and industrialization.  United, we have been able to stop
offshore oil drilling and keep Mendocino County habitats open to
harmonious tribal cultural activities, fishing, urchin and abalone
harvest,  seaweed gathering, and recreation.

Meetings with fishermen in Shelter Cove and elsewhere led to a plan to
launch a coordinated Congressional effort to both restore fisheries and
develop shore-based fishing communities. Changing federal fish
allotments to allow harmonious Northcoast fishers to make a living, and
reduce fishing allotments to large net-dragging trawlers based
out-of-state, are a high priority. These fishing allotment reforms will
be coordinated with efforts to defend and restore the Eel, Klamath, and
San Francisco Bay Delta ecosystems for tribal cultural survival and
salmon habitat. We will work with local business people to support fish
processing and marketing systems.

If you choose to elect John Lewallen to U.S. Congress, it will shake
politics worldwide, and inspire truly independent reformers to come into
Congress from throughout the nation. Let’s go together into the people’s
House of Representatives!


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