Troublin’ Blues: Del Norte DA Slammed in Sac Bee article

Del Norte County District Attorney Jon Alexander (photo by Randall Benton, courtesy Sacramento Bee)

A front-page article in Sunday’s Sacramento Bee features the meth-laced misadventures of Del Norte County’s District Attorney Jon Alexander, who on Thursday brought embezzlement charges against two North Coast biologists, and a Yurok tribal forester.

The timing of this piece is fascinating, considering the implications of the case for big-time players in California politics.  Should be an interesting day in court.


From meth addict to Del Norte County DA, Jon Alexander has courted trouble

by Charles Piller, Sacramento Bee

CRESCENT CITY – On his redemptive journey from meth addict to district attorney, Jon Alexander carried one constant companion: a magnet for trouble.

After a methamphetamine habit nearly destroyed him, Alexander resurrected his career and devoted himself to helping other addicts recover. In 2010, running on a platform of “death to meth,” he surprised many in Del Norte County, a remote corner of northwest California – known for illicit drugs, salmon fishing and the feared Pelican Bay State Prison – by winning election as district attorney.

Alexander has undermined his efforts to reinvent himself with numerous lapses, now resulting in an FBI probe and State Bar of California investigations on top of prior suspensions of his law license. The district attorney’s story resembles the Greek myth, in which Zeus forced Sisyphus to push a boulder up a hill for eternity, except Alexander’s recurring troubles seem to be his own doing.

Alexander, 63, wages his war against meth far from the glare of big city jurisprudence, often ignoring common-sense ethical tenets and allegedly acting improperly to gain legal advantage or make a buck.

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