Co-Chair of the MLPAI Science Advisory Team Arrested

The Marine Life Protection Act Intitiative “Science Advisory Team” co-chairs: (L-R) Mark Carr, Eric Bjorkstedt, and Ron LeValley.    MLPAI “I-Team” Executive Dir. Ken Wiseman, on right

Ron LeValley, Co-Chair of the North Coast Marine Life Protection Act Initiative’s “Science Advisory Team” (SAT) was arrested Thursday evening as one of three co-conspirators in an elaborate three-year scam involving the theft of close to a million dollars from the Northern California Yurok Tribe.

According to an “exhaustive investigation” that began last October, Del Norte County District Attorney Jon Alexander has alleged that LeValley, along with “Mad River Biologists” business partner Sean McAllister, and former Yurok Tribe forestry director Roland Raymond, conspired to falsify invoices for spotted owl research, and embezzle funds for their personal use.

Mr. LeValley was a key figure in the dubious cover-up of a whale-strike incident, involving an MLPA “Initiative” sonar mapping vessel off Fort Bragg, California in October 2009.

The arrest will undoubtably bring up more questions as to the integrity of the science, financial practices, and public policy procedures of the corrupt MLPAI “Initiative.”

The investigation of the intricate financial fraud is continuing, and the Yurok Tribe is expected to release a detailed statement on the case Monday, Feb. 27.

Both LeValley and McAllister were taken into custody Thursday.  Roland Raymond remains at large.

More details on this story from Megan Hansen: Eureka Times-Standard.

Stay tuned.

SAT co-chair Ron LeValley (L) and MLPAI executive director Ken Wiseman, Dec. 16, 2009

A You Tube of the introductions of the SAT co-chairs may be viewed below:


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