North Coast MLPA biologist questioned in embezzlement scheme

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72-foot blue whale, beached south of Fort Bragg, CA, Oct. 2009.  photo by Larry Wagner

(Ron LeValley, mentioned in the article below, was one of the prime movers in the cover-up, both legally and literally, of a blue whale killed off Fort Bragg in Oct. 2009.

At the time, LeValley adamately claimed that sonar had no influence on the 72-foot blue whale that was killed by the MLPAI “Initiative’s” illegally operating sonar mapping vessel.

The MLPAI’s operatives denied that the vessel was working for them, and shifted the blame to NOAA, which conducted it’s own internal cover-up.

LeValley was a prime organizer of the burying of the blue-whale’s bones at a secret location east of Fort Bragg.  He claimed that within one or two years, the microbe-cleansed bones would be ready to display as a tourist attraction in the city of Fort Bragg.

So far, nothing has been heard about the condition of the skeleton.

Mr. Ron LeValley was also a key figure on the Marine Life Protection Act “Initiative’s” North Coast “Science Advisory Team.”)


Warrants served in $900K embezzlement case

by Anthony Skeens, the Del Norte Triplicate

Search warrants were served on three locations in Humboldt County on Thursday seeking individuals and evidence linked to an embezzlement case involving the Yurok Tribe and totaling more than $900,000.

Most of the money is suspected of being bilked over two years by former Yurok Tribe Director of Forestry Roland Raymond with the aid of Ron LeValley, president of Mad River Biologists, authorities said in an affidavit of probable cause.

The Del Norte County District Attorney’s Office is heading up the investigation.

LeValley and Raymond allegedly took the money from the tribe for spotted owl surveys that were never completed, authorities said in the document. The two allegedly falsified invoice sheets over a two-year span that totaled close to $870,000, the court document states.

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——>  LATEST UPDATE :  Read the Eureka Times-Standard article:   HERE   <——


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