CONFLICT OF INTEREST of the Marine Life Protection Act “Initiative”

 Catherine Reheis-Boyd, President of the Westrn States Petroleum Association, and member of the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative’s top level “Blue Ribbon Task Force”

With the privatization of the MLPAI process came blatant conflicts of interest, endemic in a corrupt process.  Catherine Reheis-Boyd is president of the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA).  She served as the chair of the MLPAI’s “Blue Ribbon Task Force” on California’s South Coast.

This “drill baby, drill” crusader was also ever-present on the North Coast and North Central Coast’s “BRTF” panels, creating marine protected areas that are exempt from any protection against oil and gas development.  Her leadership role on the MLPAI is a gross conflict of interest. Despite public outcry, this COI was never addressed.

When not serving on the rigged MLPAI panels, Reheis-Boyd has been busy lobbying for renewed offhore oil drilling, and promoting the import and refining of Canadian tar sands by west coast oil interests.  She has called for the weakening of environmental regulations throughout the West.  Demands for her ouster from the MLPAI “Blue Ribbon Task Force” went unheeded.

California allowed the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative (MLPAI) to be privatized, through a Memorandum of Understanding between the private “Resources Legacy Fund Foundation” and the public Department of Fish and Game.  As a result, ocean protection was handed over to private contractors, bought and paid for by private interests.   They  created “marine protected areas” that fail to protect ocean waters from oil drilling, pollution, corporate aquaculture, military testing, wave and wind energy projects – and other human activities on the ocean except fishing and food gathering.


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