More offshore oil drilling proposed off California

Oil Rig Hogan, off Carpenteria, California   (photo courtesy KEYT, Santa Barbara)

We now witness the fruit born of a Marine Life Protection Act “Initiative” that was hijacked by oil interests.

A southern California oil company wants to expand its operations – from 3.7 miles out in federal waters, further east, to within the 3-mile limit of California state waters.

They are proposing to drill up to 25 new offshore oil wells near Carpinteria, just south of Santa Barbara.

The southern California “MLPAI” was chaired by Catherine Reheis-Boyd, also president of the Western States Petroleum Association.  She was appointed to make sure these so-called “marine protected areas” did nothing to stop oil drilling or pollution.

Public outcry over blatant conflicts of interest on the MLPAI’s “Blue Ribbon Task Force” fell on deaf ears.

More on this story from KEYT Santa Barbara:  HERE

video here –>


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