Sugarloaf Ridge State Park First to Close

In the first ring of a dismal peal that signals the death knell for our revered State Parks system, Sugarloaf Ridge Park east of Santa Rosa has now closed.

Some say this is the beginning of the privatization process for California public lands, as the State heedlessly closes our recreational and money-making parks.  Will our publicly owned parks be turned over to private interests?   Will the people be barred from their own public lands, or forced to pay private interests to enter?  Noyo News asks – why?

From an article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat:

SSU student Tony Sanders defies closure sign to go for a hike


Sugarloaf Ridge State Park shut down entirely this week for the winter, a first in the park’s 47-year history and another troubling sign of the crisis enveloping California’s beleaguered parks system.

Parks officials said they are uncertain whether Sugarloaf can be reopened in the spring, or whether budget problems will force them to keep the popular 4,000-acre park east of Kenwood shut.

“I think it is fair to say that some parks that close for the season, if on the closure list and no partners are found, will likely remain closed when spring gets here,” State Parks spokesman Roy Stearns said in an email Friday.

Sugarloaf, Annadel State Park in Santa Rosa, Jack London State Historic Park in Glen Ellen, Austin Creek State Recreation Area in Guerneville and the Petaluma Adobe are all slated to close July 1, as are many parks in Lake and Mendocino counties.

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