Iraq/Afghanistan War Veterans of Occupy Oakland

Scott Olsen

Here are a couple important videos on the two Iraq vets seriously injured by Oakland police during violent crackdowns against the Occupy demonstrations.  Both were peacefully asserting their 1st Amendment rights, when they were attacked by police.

The first is Kayvan Sabehgi – two tours in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan:


Next is a Sunday Nov. 27 interview with Scott Olsen, after his recent release from a long stay in hospital.  He was shot in the head with either a tear gas canister, or a flash/bang grenade – fired at close range by Oakland police on Oct. 25, 2011.

“In the interview Scott talks about the challenges he faces after being hit in the head by a projectile at Occupy Oakland, specifically the traumatic brain injury he sustained and the weeks of therapy it took for him to regain his speech. In the video it is evident that he still struggles a bit with speaking. But Olsen states that he is doing much better than he was.”

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