Open Letter, cont.

In an outrageously oppressive request designed to further intimidate, Dr. Eric Poncelet’s attorneys are demanding that we turn over ALL of our video and audio, that was collected during almost two years of work. Poncelet was the chief facilitator for the MLPAI as it rolled through the North Coast.

We travelled to many meetings in the North State at our own expense, videoing many, many hours to make a documentary on how the MLPAI took place.

For having the audacity to object to the MLPAI’s shutting down all recording and picture taking at certain public meetings, Poncelet’s high-powered lawyers of  Tarkington, O’Neill, Barrack and Chong, are now demanding that I turn over everything to them. Yes, EVERYTHING.  Their reasons for demanding these videos have not been specified.

They are asking for all of my footage – from every independent community event, interviews, every single MLPAI meeting that I attended and filmed.

The last paragraph of their lengthy “REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS” orders me to hand over:

“Any and all DOCUMENTS which comprise, contain, refer to or reflect any documentary video and/or audio program, recorded, edited or otherwise prepared by YOU concerning the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative, whether or not currently completed.”

They’re demanding all of my work, free of charge.

They might as well be breaking into our studios to steal all of our production efforts.

What country are we living in?  How is it possible that for attempting to assert your legal rights as a journalist, you can have all of your work taken from you?

Eric Poncelet and his Tarkington law firm are pushing the envelope for aggressively illegal and oppressive behavior.

And they’ve lowered the bar for absurd irony, by demanding a videographer’s footage – after harassing and then arresting him for – legally videotaping.


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