Open Letter to the North Coast Community

On Thursday and Friday, Oct. 27 & 28,  Attorney Peter Martin and I travelled to Santa Rosa, California, where we  gave and received depositions, at the plush law offices of Tarkington, O’Neill, Barrack and Chong.

The high-dollar law offices of Eric Poncelet’s private attorneys – Tarkington, O’Neill, Barrack & Chong 


It’s the type of place where you could lose your soul, if you spend too many days inside.

The plush entryway to the corporate law offices of Tarkington, O’Neill, Barrack & Chong, private attorneys the MLPAI “Initiative’s”  Eric Poncelet

On April 21, 2010, I was arrested at an Marine Life Protection Act “Initiative” meeting for “Disrupting a Public Assembly.”

I had previously been identified as a troublemaker, in behind-closed-door
exchanges by top level staff – for expressing criticism of the the corrupt MLPAI.

I had decided to remain quiet – and unobtrusively make a historical record of their proceedings – as is my legal right.

In response, the MLPAI staff consistently and repeatedly – approached, threatened, accosted – and finally arrested me.

I had done nothing wrong.  Each and every time when I was trying to record, contact was initiated by staff of the “Initiative” – to force me to stop recording their proceedings.

Afterwards I was accused of intentionally trying to “disrupt” their meetings.

Eric Poncelet, “facilitator” for the MLPAI, has hired the Tarkington firm to defend himself against our lawsuit.

Mr. Ken Wiseman, executive director of the MLPAI and a “private contractor” with the “Resources Legacy Fund Foundation” is being represented by the California Attorney General’s office.

How a private contractor can break the law, and then be represented by the State of California, is yet to be determined.

Maybe someone can explain how this private-foundation funded “public-private partnership” is related to the Attorney General?  Is the AG now defending private employees from billion-dollar foundations?

It is becoming apparent that the reaches of corruption, exemplified  by the MLPAI’s privatized conquest of the North Coast, knows no bounds.

It has also been learned that Mr. Wiseman personally ordered the arrest of this reporter, carried out by Mr. Eric Bloom, a California game warden, paid for with both private and public funds while working for the privately funded “Initiative.”

I had made the mistake of trying to ask a question near the end of the two-day public meetings. But the public had been barred from any sort of comment period – in blatant violation of both the U.S. Constitution and California Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Laws. Several attempts to acquire background footage at the meetings, and finally raising my hand to ask a question upon being recognized by Poncelet, were enough to get me arrested.

The game warden who made the unlawful arrest, Mr. Eric Bloom, was untrained and unqualified to act as security at community meetings, despite requests to his superiors for receive special training to handle public meetings.

These armed game wardens provided “security”at peaceful community meetings – where no disruptions had occurred, and where no “security” was wanted or needed.

Bloom has lied under oath as to my “resisting” his false arrest.  As of Friday, he has accused me of “resisting arrest” at the meeting – in a roomful of 50 people, none of whom can can claim to have witnessed his false allegations.  He also failed to file charges for the alleged 148 PC “resisting arrest” at the time of this unlawful arrest, since no resisting arrest ever occurred.  I complied fully with Bloom’s unlawful demand to escort me from the meeting for asking a question..

Deputy Attorney Gen. David Hamilton, and the crusty Chris Tarkington, Eric Poncelet and Kearns & West’s private attorney

In defending their criminal conduct, wrongdoers within the MLPAI are being represented by two teams of high powered attorneys – one, the state Attorney General lawyer Mr. David Hamilton, and the other Mr. Chris Tarkington, hired by Dr. Eric Poncelet’s corporate employers.

Apparently, this is another “public/private partnership.”

Both Poncelet and Wiseman spent the better part of Oct. 28, again trying to call public meetings “workshops” – that they claim are exempt from open meetings laws and the U.S. Constitution.

The public and the press had been officially invited to attend the 17 hours of two-day meetings, as long as they remained silent, and did no recording whatsoever.  The Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Law clearly states that muzzling the public and the press at noticed public meetings is highly illegal in California.  Willful violators of Bagley-Keene laws can be prosecuted for a misdemeanor.

Many thought that after my April 21, 2010 arrest, Kearns and West and the MLPAI would apologize for their transgressions, and agree to abide by Bagley-Keene and Constitutional laws in the future.  This is not the case.

When pushed, they are again claiming their public meetings were above the law, and are scapegoating this reporter as a “disrupter” of meetings that I was legally and unobtrusively trying to cover.

The Marine Life Protection Act Initiative conducted North Coast meetings in blatant violation of Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Laws, and the U.S. Constitution.

They claimed, and are now continuing to claim, that public meetings can be called “workshops” – to exempt them from public comment, and the sunshine of a free press.


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One Response to Open Letter to the North Coast Community

  1. Susan Sack says:

    I have first hand knowledge of how corrupt the MLPAI process is. The staff have crony capitalism supporters. They have lots of money.
    In 2010 I requested a public meeting to be held in Shelter Cove after learning that a none publicized meeting had happened in a local hotel with only a selected few invited. Eventually a publicly advertized meeting was held but the MLPAI staff refused to take public comment at it saying that it was an informational meeting only. The people who turned up were not happy but they had a paid DFG officer there to intimidate the crowd and keep them from being too argumentative. My public comments were not posted on the DFG website along with many other non-supporters of the MPAs. It took written complaints before these comments were eventually posted but my comment had a statement inserted above it from the MLPAI staff more or less rebutting my viewpoint. I felt picked on as no one else had their comment made illigitimate no matter how crazy their viewpoint was. A couple of days later the MLPAI statement was pulled down from the website probably on the advice of the high dollar attorney.