Corporate CA$H is Good for You!

Corporate Foundations and the MLPAI,  101:

The Packard Foundation and the Resources Legacy Fund Foundation are engaged in a good-will effort, to protect the ocean from YOU!


The Packard Foundation was founded by David Packard, who served as Deputy Secretary of Defense under President Richard Milhous Nixon.

Packard served in this high-echelon position during Nixon’s secretive carpet bombing campain against Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam War.  “Operation Breakfast” began on March 18, 1969, just three months into David Packard’s tenure as Deputy Secretary of Defense.  The B-52 strategic carpet-bombing campaign to destroy North Vietnamese bases along the borders continued through lunch, supper, dinner and snacks – and ultimately lasted for four more years, until half a million tons of bombs were dropped, and about that same number of people were killed, mostly civilians.

Finally dubbed “Operation Menu,” the first 2-year phase of this indiscriminate bombing campaign lasted from March 18, 1969 to May 26, 1970.  David Packerd’s term as Deputy Secretary of Defense was from 24 January 1969 to 13 December 1971 – easily straddling the dates of the infamous “Operation Menu.”

David Packard either knew about Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon’s illegal secret bombing campaign and was complicit in it, or he knew and chose to do nothing, or he was deliberately kept out of the loop, and just didn’t seem to catch on – that apparent war crimes were happening in front of his face.

In any case, he was moderately successful in essentially erasing his name from the history books for this period. He no doubt made made a hell of a lot of money during those war years, whether he knew about the illegal bombings or not.

For myself, I don’t want this man’s money for anything, not when it’s associated with a history like this. His daughter’s neither. And I don’t trust any of these critters to safegaurd our ocean.  There are too many questions, right off the bat, for me to trust them with the right to take control of large areas of the coast and sea, and determine that certain areas are off limits to some, and not to others.  For public/private interests to say that some people, and not others, can make legitimate claim to interact with the ocean and the ocean ecosystem.

And the California State Constitution agrees with me.

More on Foundations and Corruption in tomorrow’s post.


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