MLPAI Approves Waterfowl Hunting on North Coast Rivers

In a rather bizarre footnote to the venal Marine Life Protection Act Initiative process, special interests beholden to the California Fish and Game Commission managed to get duck hunting approved as part of the rubber stamping of the “Act.”  Don’t believe it?  I’m afraid it’s true.

The following appeared recently on a local north coast list-serve:

“Now, because of the Marine Life Protection Act of 1999 (MLPA)
process that is designing marine protected areas along the North Coast,
we learn that from the mouth of the river to approximately 1.5 miles
upriver, waterfowl hunting is allowed in the lower estuary. State Parks
controls the river east of this line (at longitude 123° 46′), but there
is no restriction on hunting westward from that line to Mendocino Bay.
Fish and Game (DFG) wardens say hunting is allowed here when done
without endangering property or harming people.”

Not only is Big River in Mendocino County affected by these new proposed regulations. The Navarro River and the Ten Mile River are also opening up to shot-gun duck hunters, as well as a section of Humboldt Bay near Eureka.  We are investigating other wildlife riparian habitats that the corrupt MLPAI process approved for waterfowl hunting on the North Coast, as part of the trade-off of Californians giving up their rights to ocean access to the control of corrupt privatized special interests.

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