Open and Transparent?

The MLPA “Initiative” has lauded itself over time as being “open and transparent.”  This flies in the face of their actions, in which Bagley-Keene open meeting laws were openly and transparently violated.  Substantiated claims about the lack of legally mandated notice of meeting locations, claims of regularly held secret meetings, charges of scripted outcomes of so-called public meetings, and the arrest of a reporter trying to cover the events at a public stakeholder meeting, to name but a few, all attest to the false claims of openness and transparency.

For any government official or agency to make the claim of  “open and transparent,” there must be the required foundation of accountability.  Without the required accountability, claims of “openness and transparency” are an absurd fraud.  In the case of the MLPAI, no such accountability has been shown.  When mistakes have been made or laws broken, the response has been total denial, combined with finger pointing.  When the MLPAI has been forced to accountabilty in court, they have  immediately claimed that they are not in fact an agency or governmental body at all, but are instead just a nebulous and temporary creation of a “Memorandum of Understanding”  –  that has no accountability whatsoever.

When you consider the fact that the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative operated statewide, dealing with federal negotiation issues with tribes, state constitutional issues of equal access to ocean resources, important fisheries and conservation issues, and civil rights  issues, all without the slightest government oversight – you have the possibility of the ugly specter of corruption, in epic proportions.  Money flowed freely from the coffers of the secretive Resources Legacy Fund Foundation, that funded the private/public “Initiative.”  All the while, no government official or agency kept tabs on where the money was going, or exactly how much was being spent.

Open and transparent?  Go figure….

More on MLPAI corruption in future posts…..


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