The kind of “Science” WE DON’T NEED!

This photograph appeared on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle on Thursday:

In the opinion of many, attaching so cumbersome a device to a free and wild animal’s head constitutes cruel and abusive treatment, that should be in investigated as a violation of the Marine Mammals Protection Act.

Having a powerful device transmitting so close to the animal’s brain – 24/7 –  is not good thing – bad for this elephant seal’s health.  The extremely ugly device will also no doubt alter the animal’s behavior and social interactions.  Therefore, any data that it collects will be skewed, and worthless.

It’s doubtful such a device will survive more than a few days or weeks in the harsh ocean/surf marine environment, yet it will remain permanently glued to his head for up to a year.

The day the “scientists” captured and abused this bull elephant seal by tranquilizing it and attaching this weird device will probably go down as the worst day in this poor critter’s life.

The Noyo News is calling for an end to this kind of unnecessary and sadistic cruelty to marine mammals, and an investigation into the practices of so-called “scientists,” who who actually do harm to the animals, environments and cultures they are “studying.”


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