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Long Overdue Investigation into Seismic Surveys

For years, the feds have let companies explore for oil using seismic surveys without permits required by federal law. The surveys use very loud blasts that hurt marine animals by causing hearing loss, disturbing essential behaviors like feeding and breeding, … Continue reading

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Tribes to gather in protest of MLPA closures

by Dan Bacher Members of the Yurok Tribe and other tribes will gather on the North Coast beaches Saturday in protest of new coastal closures in “marine protected areas” proposed under the controversial Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative. “Armed … Continue reading

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The Noyo News took a well deserved vacation to attend the opening of the Picasso exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.  Don’t miss it! We will be back posting on ocean issues very soon. Stay Tuned… The de … Continue reading

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North Coast Farmers and Fishermen Unite To Stop Water Grab

“There has to be a clear understanding and acceptance that the ecological system of the Delta is important and cannot be destroyed. Once that is understood, then the solutions to the water problems can be found. But if that is … Continue reading

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A Race Against Time and Tides

Fishing and diving on the North Coast can be dangerous at times, because of ocean, weather, and Mr. Whitey –  but not quite as scary as this.  From BBC 1 : “The people of Kangiqsujuaq in Canada go to great … Continue reading

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Salmon and Splittail Butchered at the Pumps

Sacramento Splittail Dan Bacher’s tenacious reporting on the slaughter of native Sacramento Splittail and Chinook Salmon at Central California’s Delta pumping stations has resulted in a front-page article by Kelly Zito in today’s San Francisco Chronicle. Within just five days, … Continue reading

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World Oceans Day 2011

World Oceans Day – 7 Ways to Save the Seas The May 2011 issue of Popular Science magazine featured an 11-page spread “Seven Ways to Save the Seas.”  It provided a list of major threats to the ocean, and the … Continue reading

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Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Arnold  Schwarzenegger   It’s official: the Marine Life Protection Act “Initiative” does not exist, and it never did exist. But don’t get out your fishin’ pole just yet, and head down to your nearest marine poaching area “National Park.”  If … Continue reading

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The Salmon

Chinook Salmon A poet once said that salmon are the silver thread, that sews together land and sea. Salmon are also ambassadors, linking fresh and salt water.  In the course of their mythic lives, they swim from inland mountain streams … Continue reading

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