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Noyo was the Pomo Indian name for a village near the present-day town of Fort Bragg, California. Though the village was located near what is now called Pudding Creek, a mile and a half north of the Noyo River, the … Continue reading

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The “Initiative” – A Public/Private takeover

What is a public private partnership? “Very simply, a public private partnership is a way in which, corporations, through a new entity called a public/private partnership, take control of government assets….the players with the most money control the partnership.”  –  … Continue reading

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Nuclear Threats Unaddressed

The Marine Life Protection Act Initiative failed to address threats to ocean life such as the Diablo Canyon nuclear reactor complex. The huge facility sits perched on an earthquake fault on the central California coast.  A mishap here could destroy … Continue reading

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Corruption Takes The Initiative

The confusion and controversy over the Marine Life Protection Act “Initiative” (MLPAI) began when private money took over administering the law. The MLPA was passed in 1999 under Gov. Gray Davis.  However, the Marine Life Protection Act “Initiative” was revived … Continue reading

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MLPAI History, cont.

The Marine Life Protection Act, that effectively changed the California Constitution without the knowledge or consent of the voters, proceeded to lie dormant for almost five years.  The California Dept. of Fish and Game made two attempts to implement the … Continue reading

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The MLPAI: Some History

The Marine Life Protection Act, or MLPA, started as AB 993, a bill passed by the California legislature in 1999, early in Governor Gray Davis’  ill-fated term.  Davis, who would later become the first and only California governor ever to … Continue reading

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